We are thrilled to announce that Kurt Krueger, Principal Architect and Owner of Krueger Architects has been asked by local publication “Santa Monica Spotlight” to be their newest Expert Contributor. This is a recognition of the firms leadership in creating lasting architectural design that reflects the character of the local community.

As a beachfront city, Santa Monica’s proximity to both LA and its own popular downtown area make it a wonderful place to live. Originally a vacation destination for Hollywood celebrities, Santa Monica now boasts many fulltime residents who enjoy the vibrant lifestyle of this iconic and youthful California city. Whether you’re living near the Pier or in Mid-City in a mid-century gem, or off Ocean Park Boulevard, Kurt looks forward to sharing his high-style architectural design services and his industry knowledge in the unique field of architectural design-build to inform the homeowners of Santa Monica.

If you have any ideas for articles you’d like for Kurt to cover, please contact us with your suggestions.