Architect-Led Design-Build Alleviates New Construction Headaches

Building a home or a second home with the ability to customize every detail can be both exciting and intimidating.  People are usually deep into the process before they realize just how challenging the development of a new home can be.  The problems that plague new home construction can include: finding quality contractors, dealing with construction delays, excessive costs, feeling ignored, and being overwhelmed at the sheer number of people it takes to get it all done.

Don’t let the anxiety of all of these choices tamp down your enthusiasm for your new home project.  There is a way to reduce risk and improve the outcome and the experience of building your luxury home.

Architect-Led Design-Build (ALDB) is an innovative way to tackle the tedious construction issues of the day. With ALDB, gone are the days of dealing with multiple bidding contractors, engineers and permit authorities.

Often, architects are just one of the entities that operate under an umbrella of specialists responsible for getting a home or commercial building built. In that case, the architect would generally be responsible for completing the drawings and specifications for the home or building; and that’s it.  Those plans would then go to bid and be handed off to a general contractor and multiple sub-contractors to complete the actual build.

When working with more than one professional, even a slight miscommunication can lead to costly mistakes. If home design and building are splintered out among many parties, there can be a substantial disconnect on specifications and in quality control.  For example, inferior products will sometimes be substituted during the construction phase or issues that come up at that point may be addressed without attention to the intended character of the house or the vision of the owner.  Maybe not as crazy as a light switch located behind a door, although I have seen this happen… .

New Home Construction Under One (Uncomplicated) Roof

The popularity of home owners choosing a single-source delivery method of an Architect-Builder is growing because of all of the advantages ALDB offers.  The overall goal of an ALDB is to ensure quality control and communication throughout the process and provide superior design and superior construction. By signing up with an Architect-Builder who is both designer and builder, the one contract you sign ensures the focus stays on you, the client, during the entire process of creating and building your new home: from concepts to design to construction to selection of finishing materials to move in day.

The Architect-Builder becomes a one-stop design and oversight professional, ever present, working to ensure superior quality in your luxury home construction.

Advantages of an Architect-Led Design-Build process include:

  • Client-centric focus
  • Clarity in roles and responsibilities
  • One point of responsibility, optimizing quality control
  • Reduced friction in the construction process with a seamless, integrated workflow
  • High-quality outcomes
  • Faster completion
  • Superior budget control

Keeping the Focus on You, the Client

It is important for every client that they receive the highest value for their investment. Strategic effort, combined with effective collaboration, is where the Architect-Led Design-Build process outperforms more traditional methods.  This includes the hybrid model of design-build that is led by a contractor instead of an architect.  Contractors haven’t received the education of an architect (think 5 years in college and a 3 year apprenticeship focused on design work).  Architects are trained to and work to cultivate your vision.

Because the architect’s orientation is to achieving the client’s vision, the focus with Architect-Led Design-Build will always be on you, the client.  Architect-Builders work directly with general contractors and sub-contractors.  Under other models, it would be unheard of for there to be direct communication between the architect and the sub-contractors (think electrical, plumbing, and more). By default, the builder or general contractor becomes the focal point, not you, the client.

Working with an Architect-Builder who specializes in Architect-Led Design-Build alleviates the anxiety of all the unknowns of the construction and design experience. This system of home building can control costs while reducing risks and disappointment.

If you’re looking to build in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles, our architect-led design build firm would love to speak with you about your project.  We specialize in building custom, luxury homes in Southern California. In addition to Brentwood, we work in Beverly Hills, Malibu, Palisades, and Bel Air.  Contact us today to learn more about Kurt Krueger Architects.