Famous Chocolatier, Compartés, has built a new 6,000 square foot headquarters in Hollywood.  The new Factory Shop will host tastings, special events, and provide for private tours.  This project is the second collaboration with Krueger Architects and Compartés owner Jonathan Grahm.  Grahm created the vision for the store’s retail and production spaces and the architectural design was executed by Krueger Architects.


Compartés Chocolatier is expanding into their new headquarters in Hollywood, California.  At the new facility they will be able to produce 10 times more delicious confections than they could in their previous location. Their chocolate is handmade daily from scratch using only the finest ingredients.  Compartés is world renowned and has been a staple of Los Angeles since the 1950’s.  Some of their famous customers have been the inspiration for their specialty chocolate bars; including the ‘Blonde Bombshell’ –a tribute to Marilyn Monroe.

The entire space is clad in marble:  the columns, the display counter, the counter tops, and the walls are covered in marble.  A specialty blue-veined marble was selected and imported from Italy just for Compartés.  On the back display wall, the slabs have been book-matched together. This technique uses two slabs cut from the same vein to be set one beside the other mirroring the veining pattern. A wall of glass allows customers to see the daily production work of the chocolate. An Art Deco-inspired, 14-foot brass doors leads you from the retail space into the factory.  Other Deco-details include antique finished mirrors, brass fixtures, furnishings, and lighting.

The design of this new Factory Shop was the brain child of Jonathan Grahm, Owner, CEO, and Creative Director for the brand.  Kurt and Jonathan also collaborated together along with Kelly Wearstler on the Century City location of Compartés.