Krueger Architects takes top honors in the newly released Top 100 Luxury Home Architects from BOND Custom. Listed among only 13 other California Architects, Krueger Architects designs luxury homes for the Los Angeles market and particularly the Brentwood area.

The Architects featured on the list completed $5.5 billion of luxury home projects across North America in 2016. The work of these firms exemplifies their innovation, creativity, unsurpassed quality and commitment to their craft. Top 100 is the first definitive list to honor luxury home design firms.

Bond Custom
Top 100 Architects in North America

To be selected among such a prestigious group of fellow architects is amazing recognition for the work our firm is doing. Our particular approach to design and build architecture has allowed us the in-house specialization and freedom to explore new design techniques to deliver truly custom homes to our clients. Each day we work directly with our clients to understand their needs to then tailor their home for them. Nothing says luxury more than a home designed specifically for you with one-of-a-kind details and the best in craftsmanship and construction quality.

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