Why are bathroom vanities always against the wall? This standard configuration may work for most, but one of our clients wanted to take a different approach to the conventional bathroom layout. Our client stated that looking in the mirror while using the sink was not important to her–she had other preferences for the bathroom:

  1. the ability to see herself in the mirror from head to toe
  2. the need for mirrors on multiple sides, and
  3. she did not want this to look like a typical master bathroom

Master Bath Vanity Island

Bathroom with center island vanity with sink
Bathroom center island vanity with sink and creative storage options.

We began to consider ways in which we could get away from the standard of the vanity and sink against the wall with a mirror behind the sink. If we didn’t need the mirror, the possibilities started to emerge. What would we need to do if we pulled the vanity away from the wall and created an island (with sink) in the middle of the room?

To compliment the modern aesthetic the owner wanted in the bathroom, we designed an island that appeared to be floating in the middle of the room. To achieve this, we created a taller than normal toe kick that was inset much further than normal. With the addition of underside lighting, this design makes the vanity appear to float in the middle of the floor. Within this thin pedestal supporting the island, we disguised the sink drain line, water line, and vent for heating and air conditioning.

Master Bathroom Storage Is Important

When you entered the room, we didn’t want the focal point to be the drawers in the vanity island, but storage was important so we needed to design a proper solution. With the sink in the middle of island, we added the drawers on the back side. The drawers are only visible when you walk around the island. Clever mulit-purpose drawers also convert to additional counter space when pulled up and out.

Taking Care of the Other Priorities

Behind the island, we designed a full-length mirror surrounded by white split-face stone with white crystals that glimmer in the sunlight. Two cabinetry pieces bookend each side of the mirror area and upon opening these cabinet doors, additional mirrors are revealed. This allows for our client to have a wonderful experience every morning while the morning light floods through the windows of her master bathroom, with the ease of having multiple, well-placed mirrors as she prepares for the day.

Renderings of Master Bath Vanity Island

Non-standard bathroom layout with sink in island in master bath
Non-standard bathroom layout with sink in island in master bath
Rendering of bathroom with center island for sink in master
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