Summer means we’re back in the RV exploring. On this trip, we visited the Redwood National and State Parks in Northern California. The first thing that struck us, as I’m sure many other visitors, is the scale. You know that the trees are large, but I’m not sure you’re truly prepared until you are standing at the foot of a giant redwood. For the trees to grow so large, you realize just how long this takes and for me, it made me reflect on our current moment as just a ‘blip’ on the timeline.  

To be so bold to aim for our company to have a lasting impact on the architecture of Los Angeles and Southern California, it’s important that our work be valued enough to not be torn down in 30 years. Passing this first “test” of timelessness is an aspirational goal, but nonetheless one we pursue every day. Our integrity means we don’t cut corners. We don’t “bury our mistakes.” We want to be efficient, but do things the right way. We are good stewards of resources and don’t treat ‘sustainability’ simply as a buzz word of the moment. We do now, and will always, seek to lower waste, use local resources, and look toward the environment to help us develop architecture properly suited for its environment.