Each project we do simply can’t be done without Dexter. He’s a critical part of the invaluable as one of the project managers at Kurt Krueger Architects. He’s one of the unsung heroes that make our firm work and on every job he works with integrity and focuses on changing our clients’ lives for the better helping and to make their dreams come true.

Calm, Cool, and Collected,
Meet Dexter Oblea

Dexter Oblea, Project Manager, Kurt Krueger Architects

Dexter is soft spoken and detailed oriented. He’s calm and organized. I’m amazed at how level headed he can be. He is laser focused on the details. Dexter is my eyes, ears and in some instances my brain because he is so in tuned with every project and every detail. I met Dexter at my previous company, and I am so grateful to have him at my firm now. I was quite naive at that time. I thought that all people, or at least 95%, in the world were hardworking and focused. I came to realize, it was quite the opposite when we were interviewing for Dexter’s position. I can not emphasize enough how important it is to have quality people on the team.

Dexter Oblea, Project Manager, Kurt Krueger Architects

So what does Dexter do? He works on the drawings, construction documents, code analysis, permitting and entitlement, and product research… the list goes on. He’s exceptional at all of it. Dexter focuses on the office work and I focus on the on-site work. But it’s not always that way. I need him on site at times too to translates his drawings and specifications to turn those concepts into reality. All the while, his maturity and demeanor are invaluable. Dexter’s a self starter. He’s a model for an ideal employee. Now he’s helping our team transition from AutoCAD into Revit (that’s huge). He’s one of the best people I’ve met to use AutoCAD, but he doesn’t hesitate for a moment to change; it’s the best way for our company to reach the next level.

As the firm owner, my responsibilities revolve around building the company, connecting with clients, and then collaborating with those clients as the lead designer for our firm. Dexter and I often meet with clients together. We listen to them. We both process, and Dexter documents. His writings and drawings make the clients feel heard. When a client asks, “What was that size again for the pool I want?” Dexter has the answer. His laser focus gives our team its edge. Leading a design-build firm, a good part of my day is outside the office, on the construction job site. I feel 100% confident that I can leave the office and know our projects are in trusted, capable hands. These qualities make Dexter invaluable to the team, and to each client.